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Feedback From Our Patients

Shenandoah Chiropractic in Davie, Florida has helped improve the quality of life for many people. Read patients’ feedback about our quality chiropractic services.

“I have been going to Dr. Harrington at Shenandoah Chiropractic for over 4 years. Sometimes I go regularly, or as needed. That is one of the many things I like about him, is that he may make recommendations but you are in charge of your own health and he respects that. He is an excellent Doctor, caring and also a very compassionate person. His staff is comprised of very special and kind people as well. I regularly recommend him and his practice to other people and will continue to do so! If you visit him and his office, you will not be sorry!”

 - Rhonda Puotinen

“Shenandoah Chiropractic Center is a five star practice. Dr. Harrington is an extremely gifted doctor. In addition to his expertise in spinal manipulations, he will most assuredly win you over with his sincere sense of caring and his great 

personal and bedside manner.

If you need chiropractic help, this is the place to go!”

 - Richard Weitzner

Awesome service and a wealth of knowledge. Dr. Harrington and his staff are the best! They are kind, courteous and compassionate care givers. If you're looking for a good Chiropractor, here is where to go.”

 - Leigh Seidner

“Dr Harrington is an amazing doctor. He’s very kind, compassionate and dedicated to his practice. I’ve been to a few chiropractors in Broward and Dr Harrington beats them by 100 folds. I highly recommend this Dr to get the relief your looking for. Also the staffs are wonderful people that treat you as family. Would give 10 stars if I could.”

 - Daniel Lisanti

“I am also a chiropractor and frequently trade adjustments with Dr. Harrington. He is one of the best adjusters out there and you will not regret choosing him. Additionally, he gets you better and sends you on your way instead of selling you 100 treatments over the next year!!”

Dr. Robert Leshaw

“Shenandoah Chiropractic is an absolute pleasure to go to. The staff is always friendly, there is never a wait and the location is super convenient. Dr Harrington is extremely personable and cares about how you are doing. His goal is get you on the right path to good health. Seeing him has kept my body in better shape, which has allowed to me to feel better and work out harder. Thanks for taking such good care of me Shenandoah Chiropractic!”

 - Lilli Schipper

“Dr. Mark is the best!!! I have been suffering from tension headaches most of my life! I went to him once about 3 weeks ago, he adjusted me and I have not had a tension headache since! I also have arthritis and I know that he is going to be able to help me with that as well. My insurance doesn't even cover but his prices are amazing and for what you are getting also well worth it. The staff is amazing, the location is great and overall he is just an amazing chiropractor!!”

 - Christopher Rivero

“What a professional, patient and loving doctor. Ana always courteous and pleasant. I would recommend 

this establishment in a heartbeat.

My son with special needs has received the best of care since we met last year.

Isaiah loves coming to see Dr. Harrington. Keep up the great work.”

 - Gina Gonzalez

“Dr Harrington and the staff are great.”

 - Jerry Wakefield

“I started seeing Dr. Harrington since 2011. It was my first visit to a Chiropractor. I had chronic headaches for years and had seen other doctors with no results. Aleve was my best friend. I was skeptical about how much chiropractic could help me. After speaking with Dr. Harrington, he believed that it was from my neck. After a few treatments, I noticed that I was having less headaches. In addition, I also noticed that my stomach aches from work related stresses have gone away. Now my headaches have almost gone away completely, and I am a true advocate of Chiropractic. I highly recommend Dr. Harrington if you would like to try Chiropractic. You will like him, his office, and his staff.”

 - Jie Bian

“Great hours, easy scheduling, personable, and great treatment! Recommend!”

 - Colleen Zaffiris

“I went to Dr. Harrington because I had been having headaches twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, sometimes escalating to migraines. He took an x-ray of my neck revealing how out of whack it was and he began adjusting it immediately. At first, there wasn't much difference, but within a week, I noticed a big difference. I still get a headache once in a while, but much less frequently (maybe once a week or every other week). Also, I haven't had a single migraine since beginning treatments! I am so thankful that I can have a much happier life without constant pain in my head! He is also extremely courteous and kind. Highly recommended.”

 - Jamie Bartlett

“Dr is wonderful!! Great office hours!! Highly recommend!!!”

 - Tami George

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